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the ax

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the ax this attacing demon :D holds in his hand has some story …

attacing demon

attacing demon

once upon a time i went to a pure land, driven by some sort of adventurous state of mind, encouraged by lama tönsang and called fom my precious teacher lama ole rinpoche.

our bodys were tools – 12 hours working days were normal. heavy dirty work.

our minds were focused on dharma

and our speech was sometimes awful :(

i was just flowing in the pure land somehow …

at one point i was responsible for a pure place in the pure land called “toolbar” :D

word came that buddhas will visit this pure place … the first one in two days … uff  ;)

so i started tidiing up the toolbar and most of the stuff i wanted to do worked quite well. only one thing i had no time (at least i thought so to that time) to do was sharpen all the axes.

ok, then ole came in, smiled at me, looked around and nodded, and then with a broad grin walked to the case with the axes, put away the sharp ones i put on top ;) , took from way down the least sharp ax, tested it with his thumb, smiled and sayd: “this could be sharper”.

whaaaaaat :)

two days later karmapa droped by …

thats a whole other story … but at one point he took the same ax – witch i recognized because i did some serious work with it :D – out of the box, looked at it, smiled and gave it to me.

the ax that turned kartica …

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